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Published on: 02/17/2015
Facebook PMD Program Officially Changed to Facebook Marketing Partners
Published on: 02/17/2015
Facebook Debuts Product Ads, A Mobile Boon For Retailers
Published on: 01/23/2015
Facebook Insists FBX Isn’t Getting Cut From Its Growing Ad Stack
Published on: 12/16/2014
Thanks To Social, Over Half of Marketers Now Retargeting On Mobile
Published on: 12/16/2014
90% of Marketers Say Retargeting Now As Good As Search Ads, Email Marketing
Published on: 11/21/2014
Get Ready for More Mobile Ads On Your iPhones as Apple Launches New iAds
Published on: 11/21/2014
Apple Continues iAd Renovations, Partners With AdRoll For Retargeting
Published on: 11/21/2014
Apple and AdRoll Enable iOS Ad Retargeting - With Extra Data From iTunes and the App Store
Published on: 11/21/2014
Apple Opens Mobile-Ads Service to Automated Partners
Published on: 11/17/2014
Real-Time With AdRoll CTO Volonghi On RTB's Tech & Growing Data Pool
Published on: 01/23/2014
AdRoll Buys YC Alum Userfox To Add Email And CRM Data To Its Net
Published on: 12/31/2013
3 Online Advertising Trends to Watch for in 2014
Published on: 01/23/2014
AdRoll Announces Acquisition of Y Combinator Graduate userfox
Published on: 12/05/2013
AdRoll Announces Support for Twitter tailored audiences
Published on: 11/12/2013
AdRoll Appoints Scott Gifis as Vice President of Global Supply
Published on: 10/29/2013
Retargeting Platform AdRoll Launches in Europe; Appoints Former Google Veteran Marius Smyth as Managing Director
Published on: 10/10/2013
AdRoll Surpasses $100M Run Rate, Now Serves 10K Customers in 100 Countries
Published on: 08/20/2013
AdRoll Named Fastest-Growing Advertising Company by Inc. Magazine for the Second Consecutive Year
Published on: 06/12/2013
AdRoll, the most widely-adopted retargeting platform, today announced the acquisition of San Francisco-based Bitdeli.
Published on: 01/24/2013
AdRoll Triples Revenue, Surpasses $50M Run Rate in 2012
Published on: 09/13/2012
AdRoll Announces Positive Early Results For Customers and Expands Access to Facebook Exchange
Published on: 08/21/2012
AdRoll Named Fastest Growing Advertising Company by Inc. Magazine
Published on: 07/11/2012
AdRoll Raises $15 Million to Bring Retargeting to All Brands
Published on: 02/22/2012
AdRoll Appoints Google's Head of North American Sales Suresh Khanna as Vice President of Sales