Digital Advertising is Table Stakes for E-Commerce Brands

Unlike more traditional forms of advertising, digital advertising is highly targetable, highly measurable, and highly adaptable, as your client’s business grows.

Grow your Client’s ROAS

AdRoll’s ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) calculator will make smart recommendations for how your client should spend their dollars in order to maximize return on ad spend.

Learn from our E-Commerce Expertise

We draw upon our experience (and data!) working with over 850 agencies and 120,000 brands since 2007 to create this ROAS calculator to help you plan your client’s advertising budget. The expected return on ad spend will be based on your client’s marketing goals like:

  • Driving new high quality traffic to their website
  • Converting more website visitors into customers

AdRoll’s ROAS calculator will predict what would happen when they allocate budget towards these goals including their return on ad spend impact.

How to Use the ROAS Calculator

You’ll be asked for a few quick details about your client’s business, including:

  • Their industry
  • Their monthly website visitor count
  • Their monthly order count, where an order can be a sale, lead, registration, etc. based on what they consider to be their most valuable conversion
  • Their estimated average order value

Then, we’ll be able to calculate, based on our up-to-date industry benchmark data, what you recommend your client should invest in digital advertising to make the maximum impact on growth.

A dashboard showing customized results and industry benchmarks.
In a few simple steps, you will receive your client’s customized results and industry benchmarks similar to the image above.