Recover Lost Revenue from Abandoned Shopping Carts

Abandoned cart revenue recovery from AdRoll reaches shoppers across channels - putting the right message, in the right places at the right time, through both email and retargeting ads.

AdRoll customers experience on average, shoppers targeted with both emails and ads are 2x as likely to convert and convert 2x as fast as shoppers who see ads alone. All of this means more sales and increased revenue for your business.

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AdRoll Delivers More Ways to Bring Back More Customers

Traditional email-only cart recovery solutions limit your access to only customers who provided an email address at the checkout stage. AdRoll abandoned cart revenue recovery seamlessly targets shoppers across channels, from the inbox to the web. Our AI powered product recommendation engine provides a personalized message across email, ads, and your online store experience - delivering a better experience than traditional cart recovery solutions that just rely on email.

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Trigger cart-abandonment and browse-abandonment emails

Set up email campaigns based on real-time user behavior, like abandoning a shopping cart, browsing a product and then exiting, or being inactive in the past month. Use automated email to drive customers back to the cart or product to complete their purchase.

Re-engage cart abandoners with dynamic ads

Retarget cart abandoners and coax them back with personalized display ads that dynamically adapt content and promotions based on previously viewed or popular products. Optimize ads for display across the web and mobile devices, including social.

Improve conversion rates with personalized recommendations on your site

Show off the products your customers are most interested in with product recommendations. Highlight previously viewed, popular, or most viewed products in a product recommendation carousel that seamlessly integrates into your site.

How it works

A diagram of abandoned cart recovery.

1. Customer browses, adds item to cart but abandons cart

2. AdRoll delivers email and an ad to the customer

3. Ads and Emails work together to rekindle interest

4. Customer recovers the item, makes the purchase - you get more revenue

How to stop abandonment before it happens:

  • Email Capture: Your best chances are with the people you already know. Growing your email list helps you reach a bigger audience and maximize the value of customer relationships with promotions, coupons, sales and newsletters.
  • Personalized product recommendations allow you to suggest highly relevant products to your customers. Relevant recommendations make every customer feel like your shop was created just for them—and increase your conversions and average order value.
  • Personalized Ads: Create dynamic ads based on site visitors' behavior throughout your online store.
  • Newsletters: Send your customers regular updates about your products and brand so they never forget all the amazing products you have to offer.
A user completing a purchase based on targeting.