Creating high-performing content marketing campaigns

Creating a solid stream of blog posts, whitepapers, webinars, and other pieces of thought-leadership material is a great way to help your brand stand out in the crowded world of online marketing. While speaking with our customers last year, we noticed that many of them are concentrating a large portion of their 2018 efforts on refining their content marketing strategy.

In order to help marketers plan out their 2018 efforts, we teamed up with Larry Kim, CEO of AI Chatbot pioneer MobileMonkey, to reveal how marketers can create content to reach larger audiences and convert more prospects into spending customers.

We’ll discuss:

  • The best way to create unicorn-level content in a sea of competitors’ donkey-level duds
  • How to build brand affinity with your content in order to drive more future conversions
  • Real-world examples of content marketing campaigns that have driven 10-100x higher results
  • And more!

  • Webinar Date:
    January 31st 2018 @ 2pm EST

    Larry Kim, CEO, Mobile Monkey
    Elliott Moore, Content Marketing, AdRoll
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