How Agencies Can Help Clients Manage the Entire Customer Journey

Customers see about 5,000 ads per day. As a result, using a general marketing approach won't necessarily move the needle. This makes it especially difficult for agencies, considering that they have to manage multiple customers daily. So, how do agencies help their clients create an experience that audiences remember and embrace?

Well-constructed customer journeys help create a cohesive experience that accounts for every touchpoint on a customer's path to conversion. When done correctly, mapping out a customer journey can be one of the most effective tactics for improving a brand's customer experience. Join our agency and customer journey experts — Tony Posselli, Agency Account Strategist, and Charlie Padilla, Agency New Business Sales Representative — as they share how to build stellar customer experiences that account for every stage of the customer journey. Register to learn how to:

  • Build a brand: Help your clients share their brand story with the people who matter.
  • Turn visitors into customers: Create strategies to keep customers interested until they’re ready to purchase.
  • Grow customer loyalty: Build your long-term value to your clients with increased revenue per customer and strategies to keep their brand top-of-mind.
  • Measurement and attribution: Keep your results front and center to increase client retention.

Webinar Date:
January 22nd, 2pm EST/11am PST

Tony Posselli, Agency Account Strategist, AdRoll
Charlie Padilla, Agency New Business Sales Representative, AdRoll
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