Level-Up Your Measurement Game: The Beginner’s Guide to Incrementality

Digital marketers face growing pressure to identify the marketing channels and tactics that generate the most value for business’s bottom-line. But in an overly complex digital landscape of disparate systems telling conflicting stories, answering the question “how do I know my marketing investment provided value to the business” becomes nearly impossible.

Enter incrementality testing. This is your go-to guide to understanding which marketing efforts are the most effective at moving key business metrics, such as revenue growth and profitability.

Solving for incrementality answers questions like: What would happen if I never showed this ad?

Answering this question may seem simple, but there are multiple ways to measure incrementality.

Whether you are just getting started or looking to increase your existing knowledge, this guide will give you:

  • The fundamental inner workings of incrementality

  • A broader understanding of the various frameworks used to measure incrementality

  • Learn how AdRoll applies our own testing methodology