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AdRoll helps us promote our programs and see results right away. Other platforms we’ve tried don’t deliver results until the following semester, when it’s too late."

Jon Hinderliter, Assistant Director, University Marketing and Communications, University of Missouri–St. Louis

AdRoll helps UMSL fill digital classrooms

University of Missouri–St. Louis combined AdRoll Attract and AdRoll Convert tools to drive registration for their new online business degree program.

Prospecting finds UMSL’s future grads

University of Missouri–St. Louis (UMSL) launched an online business-degree program and needed help recruiting new students. To generate leads, UMSL used a combination of media strategies: "email, audio, and video, plus AdRoll Attract and AdRoll Convert for display. “Prospecting is critical when introducing a new program,” explains Jon Hinderliter, assistant director of University Marketing and Communications at UMSL. “We weren’t seeing performance in other channels like search and needed a new way to make the market aware.” UMSL’s campaign generated a 0.371% click-through rate, and an engaged audience led to a website bounce rate that was 15% lower than industry average.

Retargeting leaves no student behind

UMSL builds their marketing campaigns holistically with a full-funnel approach. To source new recruiting leads, UMSL relies on AdRoll Attract. When it’s time to re-engage potential students and fuel customer relationship management (CRM), that’s where AdRoll Convert shines. “With AdRoll Attract and AdRoll Convert, AdRoll has become a one-stop shop for our display advertising,” says Hinderliter. “With lead-gen programs, we can’t expect everyone to convert right away,” he continues. “We use AdRoll to convert. No one should run a digital campaign without retargeting.”

About University of Missouri–St. Louis

University of Missouri–St. Louis is the largest public research university located in Missouri’s most populous and economically important region.

*compared to industry average with prospecting