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Adroll [has been] a key part of the success that the brand has been having for the last year—we doubled our sales online."

Philip Nabseth, E-Commerce Manager, Stutterheim Raincoats

The secret sauce for true growth

Looking to boost site traffic and online sales, Stutterheim wanted to try retargeting. AdRoll provided the support they needed—and the results they hoped for.

Support and simplicity, an unbeatable combination

Stockholm-based Stutterheim Raincoats was sold in retailers around the world, but their e-commerce business needed a boost. When Philip Nabseth joined as E-commerce Manager, he knew that retargeting was the next step.

As he researched advertising partners, Nabseth knew he wanted more than just a platform—he wanted a teammate. AdRoll was the clear choice.

‘I knew that I needed a partner that I could discuss with and talk with daily. And I didn’t think I could get that from Google,‘ Nabseth says.

In addition to the support, AdRoll’s simple, easy-to-use platform was another main draw. ‘The dashboard is very easy to use, and I can find all the information and all the statistics that I need,’ Nabseth says. ‘I also use Google Analytics to verify the data—it’s always the same.’

Retargeting helps double e-commerce sales

2017 was an enormously successful year for Stutterheim: the company doubled its e-commerce sales. It credits that success in part to AdRoll.

‘As an e-commerce brand you always advertise on separate platforms, and one of the key advertising platforms has been AdRoll,’ Nabseth says. ‘AdRoll [has been] a key part of the success that the brand has been having for the last year—we doubled our sales online.’

In addition to booming sales, Stutterheim has also seen brand awareness grow. ‘We are working with a lot of PR firms around the world, and they send statistics every month about how big the brand is, and the reach,’ says Nabseth. ‘We can see that overall the brand is growing, and I think a part of that is due to AdRoll. Customers have Stutterheim at top of mind when it comes to raincoats.’

About Stutterheim Raincoats

Stutterheim creates beautiful yet functional rainwear in the highest quality. All coats are handmade using the finest craftsmanship and are characterized by simplicity, functionality and timeless design.

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