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A key benefit is that you have key data and metrics all shown on a single dashboard. You have full visibility of every ad, giving you full control of your campaigns."

Andreas Pützstück, Marketing Manager, Steuer-Fachschule Dr. Endriss

An “A” for Efficiency

Students are the lifeblood of a busy educational institution. Through partnering with Adroll Endriss was able to keep them enrolling.

Personalised targeting across a large audience

Endriss understands that making the commitment to return to education can take time. As an educational institution offering 500 different courses every year, they needed a solution that would turn site browsers into new students. By leveraging strong industry expertise and experience AdRoll was able to help create personalised targeting to reach website visitors based on the courses they were interested in and their level of intent. This strategy garnered an impressive 93.4% increase in ROI, thanks to intelligent targeting with combination of static and dynamic advertisements across the huge breadth of courses Endriss offers.

Targeting the right audience with great results

It was not only the results but the speed and simplicity of campaign set up that impressed Andreas Pützstück, Marketing Manager. In particular he was satisfied with how easy it was to find the right audience on social media platforms. There was a huge opportunity to access Endriss’ target audience on platforms like Facebook but it had proved difficult in the past.

“Previously, we’d had trouble reaching the right target audience on Facebook, but with AdRoll it was so simple,” Pützstück says. “The quick, simple conversations with the account strategists at AdRoll made setting up the campaign very easy... AdRoll helped us increase our ROI through careful retargeting, including through Facebook.”

About Steuer-Fachschule Dr. Endriss

Steuer-Fachschule Dr. Endriss is the largest private school for further education, with over 12.000 students per year in taxation, controlling and accounting courses nationwide.

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