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AdRoll has been an incredible partner over the years. They’ve really taken the time to understand our business and adapt to our goals."

Sami Gilroy, Digital Strategy Manager, Spell & The Gypsy Collective

How Spell & The Gypsy Collective Achieved a 34x ROAS

Spell & The Gypsy Collective (Spell) is a modern-bohemian fashion brand based in Byron Bay, Australia. Founded by two sisters, Spell designs and manufactures clothing and accessories inspired by the sisters’ childhood, travel, and love of whimsical patterns and flowy styles. Over the years, the brand has grown organically, the popular design and distinct brand voice attracting consumers through reputation and word-of-mouth. When they decided to invest in digital marketing channels to reach new consumers, they turned to AdRoll. With the help of AdRoll’s Growth Platform, Spell launched a successful campaign of targeted, well-placed advertising, saving them valuable time and resources and netting them an impressive 34% return on their advertising spend (ROAS).

Increase Consumer Engagement

“Seeing how different consumer groups engage with the brand helps us understand what they’re looking for and improve their shopping experience.”

Spell uses the AdRoll integration with Shopify to centralize customer data points into a single dashboard. From there, AdRoll captures criteria such as browsing behavior, shopping cart abandonment, product page visits, and previous purchases, painting a picture of customer engagement. AdRoll’s technology also creates target audience segments based on real-time behaviors of billions of online shoppers. With this data, Spell can successfully engage with different audience groups, offering relevant content, merchandise, and product promotions that build consumer loyalty.

Experiment with Media and Messaging Strategies

“The tools make it easier to experiment and see what’s resonating with our consumers before committing to a marketing plan.”

With the Shopify integration and segmentation capabilities through a single dashboard, Spell can get a better understanding of campaign performance, and adjust accordingly. This enables them to personalize different messages and offers, and test creative styles to see what really resonates with each segmented audience. Having this data available in real-time allows them to re-evaluate and refine their marketing promotions, taking into account consumer trends, external market factors, and their own shifting priorities and objectives.

Work with Partners who Understand Your Business

“We rely on AdRoll’s advice and recommendations, knowing they have our best interests in mind.”

Managing a lean team in charge of all aspects of the demand side of the business -- from website development to inventory, digital marketing, customer acquisition and customer service -- Sami relies heavily on outside vendors for the resources she doesn’t have in-house. Trusting AdRoll to understand the nuances and goals of the Spell brand frees Sami from worrying about the logistics and organization of her marketing campaigns, giving her more time to focus on her customer.


  • Up to 34x ROAS
  • Improved brand awareness
  • Increased revenue with segmentation from AdRoll for Shopify

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