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What we saw in AdRoll was more transparency in the reporting and also the flexibility in that reporting. As a user, you could do more when you could rely and base your work off a single source of truth."

Johan Wilmenius, Marketing Manager, SpeedLedger

Since 2000, SpeedLedger has provided cloud-base accounting services to companies throughout Sweden. They recently reached out to AdRoll to build and execute more efficient ad campaigns. Check out how we helped them do just that below.

Lowering the cost of doing business

SpeedLedger was in the search for a reliable digital marketing partner that would deliver high-intent leads, without the high costs.

Maximising efficiency

Many of those who enter the world of digital marketing tend to learn, fairly quickly, that persuading audiences to engage with ads can be tougher than it seems. Marketing Manager, Johan Wilmenius, was trying to figure out the best way to increase the click rate of his ads without increasing the cost of running his targeted ad campaigns.

Our account management team was there from the beginning to demonstrate how Johan and SpeedLedger could lower costs without sacrificing growth. AdRoll’s 500+ inventory partners ensured that SpeedLedger’s ads were delivered to their target audiences, at the places they were online. From there, our AI bidding algorithm ensured that these ads were seen by only SpeedLedger’s intended audiences; eliminating wasted opportunities and costs. This left Johan and his team with a cost per click (CPC) that was 51% better than their initial goal. Simply put, they got better results and better value.

Creating a better customer experience

Convincing your target audience to click on an ad is an important first step. However, there’s still a lot that needs to be done before a first-time site visitor turns into a loyal customer. Johan was happy with SpeedLedger’s strong CPC, but he knew that he needed to improve his audiences’ customer journeys to drive more online revenue.

AdRoll’s industry-first attribution dashboard made it easy for Johan to gain actionable insights on his ad campaigns, which helped him identify the changes that needed to be made. Once Johan made the necessary campaign optimisations, he was able to provide bespoke customer journeys at scale. His target audiences began receiving the right combination and cadence of ads—ensuring that site visitors weren’t suffering from ad fatigue. As a result, he beat his initial cost per acquisition (CPA) goal by 62%. This led to more efficient growth.

About SpeedLedger

SpeedLedger, founded in 2000, is a Swedish software company that provides bookkeeping programs, billing solutions, and financial statements to business owners and associations. They are the only business on the market that offers cloud-based and automatic accounting linked directly to customers’ internet banking.

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