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What was surprising was to see how large a percentage of the conversions came through [AdRoll] immediately. And we had no other explanation than that they were seeing the ads that [AdRoll was] displaying."

Rut Steinsen, CFO,

Taking growth to the next level

A growing company ready to expand its customer base, wanted to attract new customers with a partner who could lead the way.

A partner to share the load, online scheduling software company, had been growing steadily and had recently finished revamping its website when the team decided they were ready to start advertising.

They knew what they were looking for in a partner as a lean team, they needed somebody who would take care of the heavy lifting around getting started and overseeing campaigns.

‘We didn’t have a marketing manager at the time,’ explains CFO Rut Steinsen. ‘To have somebody new go in and try to figure out everything -- it just takes too much time.’

Ultimately, only AdRoll offered the level of support they were looking for. ‘For me, the selling point was that we would get an account manager who would basically run everything for us,’ says Steinsen.

View-through conversions prove crucial

When launched their first campaign with AdRoll, the results were immediate -- but it was clear that clicks weren’t showing the whole picture.

‘What was surprising was to see how large a percent of the conversions came through VTC [view-through conversions] immediately,’ says Steinsen. ‘We could definitely see a jump in people coming directly [to the site]. And we had no other explanation than that they were seeing the ads that AdRoll was displaying, because it’s so clear.’

‘For us, it’s black and white,’ Steinsen adds. ‘The view through conversion really, really works.’

The new site traffic was exciting. But what really impressed the team was the fact that even with the higher traffic, their conversion rate held constant.

‘[Traffic] jumped up like 20-30%, but the conversion rate is stable -- it doesn’t go down,’ says CEO Ingvar Gudmundsson.

‘The results have been good,’ Gudmundsson adds. ‘In line or even better than our expectations.’


  • 60% CPA below target
  • $0.54 cost per new visitor

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