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$1.07 USD

cost per new prospecting visitor

$1.44 USD

email retargeting cost per acquisition (CPA)

$3.59 USD

web/social retargeting CPA

Bookings are up. Revenue is up. And the good thing is we have more quality conversions and leads—more valuable ones... [But] the biggest reason we use AdRoll? We get an easy-to-use system with a personal touch, saving me time."

Ari Steinarsson, Online Marketing Specialist, Reykjavik Excursions

An all-inclusive platform: results, ease, and service

With a small, time-constrained online marketing team, Reykjavik Excursions turned to AdRoll to not only increase revenue, but also manage multiple media channels at once.

Routing new audiences to more revenue

When online marketing specialist Ari Steinarsson started at Reykjavik Excursions seven months ago, he knew he needed as wide a digital reach as possible.

“Because we are in a really big competitive business here in Iceland, I have to bring in a large audience as soon as possible,” Steinarsson said.

So he tried AdRoll Attract—and he liked it much better than other platforms.

“The reporting is better. I know what I’m getting, exactly how much I’m paying for new traffic,” he said.

Steinarsson also started AdRoll Convert through web, social, and email with the dynamic ads feature. Within a month, Steinarsson hit his goals.

“Bookings are up. Revenue is up. And the good thing is we have more quality leads and conversions—more valuable ones,” he said.

An easy guide to performance

Steinarsson also loved how the AdRoll platform made his life easier.

“We get an easy-to-use system with a personal touch, saving me time,” he said. “With just one platform, I can reach a wide audience on a wide array of web and social channels. I wasn’t getting that from other platforms.”

Steinarsson can also understand campaign performance in minutes: “I don’t need all the information; I just need the right information. It’s an information tsunami [with Google and Facebook]. I cannot waste my time digging through information. AdRoll just does that for me. It’s all user friendly in AdRoll.”

A proactive account manager also makes it easy to optimize campaigns. “With other platforms, often the support disappears once money starts being spent,” said Steinarsson. “But when something goes wrong, I still get help from AdRoll. They’re not just a platform; they’re a consultant also. So I always feel like we’re on top of the game.”

About Reykjavik Excursions

Founded in 1968, Reykjavik Excursions is one of the largest tour operators in Iceland, taking clients to all the most stunning and exotic places in Iceland, however remote. Their staff is outgoing, well-educated, and experienced—and as easygoing as they are dependable. Learn more at

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