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Building out creative can be a bottleneck for us during peak demand periods from clients. AdRoll’s creative offering has allowed us to integrate display retargeting, which has made it easier to access existing and new audiences."

Catherine Milne, PPC Director, Online Marketing Gurus

Online Marketing Gurus have established themselves as one of Australia's premier digital marketing agency. They recently reached out to AdRoll to help improve their relationship with new and existing audiences. See how we helped them do just that below.

Connecting with the right people

Online Marketing Gurus expanded their clients’ reach online, via display ads, in an effort to build brand awareness, grow revenue, and engage directly with their target audiences.

Making creative easy

Marketing agencies have the difficult task of being at the forefront of all things digital marketing. But without the right tools or support, agencies tend to have trouble properly leveraging digital strategies. PPC Director, Catherine Milne, was familiar with this particular issue.

‘We wanted to introduce retargeting as an additional service for our customers. However, we were having a hard time doing so because of the roadblocks we faced when it came to developing ad creative,’ says Milne.

The agency was able to implement retargeting into their marketing mix with the help of AdRoll’s ad builder. This easy-to-use tool has paved the way for Milne and her team to dive head first into retargeting. ‘Prior to partnering with AdRoll, we relied on our customers to deliver assets; creating an additional barrier. Now, we’re able to add additional value by offering creative services, thus making it easier and faster to execute retargeting campaigns,’ says Milne.

Expanding our audience

It’s one thing to have fresh and engaging ad creative. It’s another thing entirely to have the ability to reach in-market audiences that are unfamiliar with your brand. Milne was intent on finding more potential shoppers for her clients.

AdRoll helped Online Marketing Gurus extend their reach online and find more shoppers by leveraging over 500 inventory partners. They simply developed creative, chose their target audience, and voila, their ad campaigns were running across multiple channels online. ‘With digital display becoming more and more important, it’s imperative that we are able to maximize our reach online. Since joining AdRoll, we now have access to more web users than we’ve ever had before,’ says Milne.

About Online Marketing Gurus

Online Marketing Gurus, founded in Australia, is not just your average digital marketing company. They make web simple and profitable for all clients.

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