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Retargeting with AdRoll ranks as one of the top five most effective marketing channels in our program.

—Garrett Scott
Director of Demand Generation, New Relic

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Performance-obsessed New Relic wasn’t going to settle for just any ad tech partner. AdRoll delivered the conversions they were looking for.

Paying less for leads

New Relic was running many top-of-the-funnel marketing programs, but needed a more effective way to nurture potential customers after they came to the site. New Relic partnered with AdRoll to serve ads across the web and on Facebook that offered a free T-shirt in exchange for a website visitor’s contact information.

The strategy not only helped drive leads for the sales team but also promoted the New Relic brand to their target audience. Garrett Scott, New Relic’s director of demand generation, explains, “We don’t measure retargeting on an ROI basis but on a cost-per-acquisition model. Retargeting currently brings in customers at 50% below our maximum allowed CPA. It’s made a huge impact on our demand generation efforts.”

Performance makes perfect

New Relic wanted to re-engage their potential customers throughout their long cycle. AdRoll’s dashboard made it easy to nurture customers who responded to their demand gen campaigns with ongoing retargeting campaigns.

To increase conversions, New Relic created time-based retargeting audience groups. Each group received different messages depending on the duration of time that had passed since their last visit to the New Relic website. Initially, New Relic would serve promotional offers to recent visitors. As time passed since the visit, New Relic would switch to serving ads featuring their branding or softer messaging. The campaign was so effective that New Relic has increased their investment in retargeting every quarter since the campaign started.

About New Relic

New Relic provides enterprise analytics for web and native mobile applications, and consolidates performance monitoring data for any technology.

AdRoll is the most widely used prospecting and retargeting platform.

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