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Working with Frank Media and AdRoll has been a great extension to our digital strategy. We’ve had very pleasing results and we see it being an important part of the marketing mix in future years."

Meagan Bell, Marketing and Communications Manager, Movember Foundation

Bulldog Digital Media Delivers 79+% ROAS

Based in Essex, Bulldog Digital Media is a digital marketing agency specializing in paid ads, content marketing, SEO, and conversion-rate optimization. Known for running creative campaigns for clients ranging from sportswear brands to software companies, Bulldog had a solid track record in driving traffic to their clients’ websites, but was having trouble converting visitors after they’d left. With the AdRoll Growth Platform, they can track site visitors to inform clients on who their shoppers are, what they’re interested in and how to get them back to their site to purchase. Re-engaging with previous visitors was a game-changer for Bulldog’s clients, who netted up to 79% in ROAS.

Using Video Ads to Convert Shoppers

“Why go through all that effort to attract loads of potential customers to your site, just to have as much as 90% of them turn away without a trace?”

Bulldog can now track consumers who visited a client’s website just one time, but left without completing a transaction — an estimated 96% of visitors. These “lost visitors” are high-intent shoppers who have already shown interest in a product. Because of this, they are likely more receptive to a persuasive nudge or a special offer that will entice them back to complete a purchase. AdRoll helps Bulldog Digital Media reach these lost visitors across the web and social media to capture their attention using video ads.

With video, Bulldog’s clients can tell their brand story, engage with their audience, and create a lasting impression that is more likely to bring shoppers back to their sites to purchase. Beyond that, they are able to create audience profiles based on visitors’ online journeys, using data like shopping cart abandonment, product page visits, and purchase behaviors. Bulldog can then send relevant and personalized campaigns to different audience segments, successfully turning single site visits into higher conversion rates, higher revenue, and more long-term customers.

Data-Driven Insights and Strategies

“AdRoll’s analytics help us steer our clients in the right direction and give us a big advantage over our competitors.”

AdRoll provides Bulldog with a suite of comprehensive tools to measure and optimize their marketing programs. The single dashboard offers a high-level, cross-channel view, leading them to data-driven insights and strategies to drive revenue for their clients. They can track campaign performance in real-time, calculating ROI and offering on-the-spot updates and revisions. They can drill down into data across devices, audience segments, geolocations, and product views. Bulldog gets a clear view of each client’s customer journey, measuring the impact of each touchpoint of a campaign to determine the most profitable conversion path. In the crowded field of digital marketing, AdRoll helps Bulldog bring added value to its clients, earning credibility and setting them apart from competitors — all while saving the agency valuable time and resources.

Agencies Save Time and Resources

“The platform boosts our capabilities and makes us more appealing to larger clients.”

For the marketing team at Bulldog, joining the AdRoll Agency Partner Program added significant value to their client offerings, while saving them time and additional headcount. By becoming AdRoll Certified, Bulldog’s team became experts in digital advertising by accessing AdRoll’s Training Portal filled with industry updates and additional marketing resources that enabled them to stand out from the agency crowd.

With expanded capabilities, from building brand awareness to retargeting and measurement, Bulldog can exceed their clients’ KPIs and attract new clients. The centralized dashboard makes it easy for Bulldog to run status reports and get real-time performance reviews to share with clients. Managing multiple clients through one platform gives Ryan visibility and control into campaign performance, while saving time and allowing him to focus on higher-level strategy. And the numbers don’t lie: With AdRoll’s help, Bulldog’s clients have enjoyed more sales, more conversions, and higher ROIs.

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