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AdRoll helped us boost our Friday night ticket sales by 60%. The exceptional creative captured revellers’ attention and achieved an incredible ROI, beyond living up to our performance goals."

Liam Schembri, Marketing and Social Media Executive, Marquee Sydney

AdRoll throws performance party for #1 nightclub Marquee

The international nightclub Marquee came to AdRoll looking for a vendor who could lift ticket sales—while living up to performance goals. Boom!

Revelling in results!

Marquee Sydney wanted to boost pre-sale tickets for its big party nights. AdRoll initially helped with compelling creative and a thorough retargeting program.

“AdRoll has helped us raise the roof on our ticket and table sales. Friday nights have become much more predictable and trackable,” said Liam Schembri, Marketing and Social Media Executive, Marquee Sydney. “Having the technology that understands a potential customer's intent levels has ensured that we’ve smashed our goals out of the park.”

Marquee had a healthy amount of traffic to their site but still needed a hand converting ‘window shoppers’. AdRoll achieved Marquee’s desired CPAs by using intelligent segmentation and a smart bidding model.

AdRoll Attract, the ultimate promoter

Impressed by AdRoll's strong performance, Marquee Sydney began to explore the possibilities of reaching new customers. AdRoll helped them craft a prospecting program designed specifically to entice a new wave of social butterflies to the club. “AdRoll created campaigns with our goals in mind,” Schembri reports. “Over time, they continuously optimise each campaign to maximise our performance and bang for buck.”

Now AdRoll has unlocked a huge pool of new, high intent customers—Marquee’s possibilities are endless!

About Marquee

Marquee Sydney is Australia’s leading premier nightlife destination.

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