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We’ve experienced our biggest year of growth in online retail. With AdRoll, we have much higher quality creative. The transparency of the reporting . . . helps us keep the finger on the pulse—I rely on that daily. That's been a game changer for us."

Nick Boyce, Head of E-Commerce, King & McGaw

King & McGaw has already become the art retailer of choice for galleries and artists alike, but they wanted to build on that original success. Recently, they’ve partnered with AdRoll to do just that. Check out their growth story below.

Commissioning simplicity and performance

Art retailer King & McGaw wanted to simplify their digital marketing processes. With AdRoll, they got a game-changing platform and the strong partner they were after—giving them better performance than ever.

Staging the scene for growth

Seven months ago, the marketing team at King & McGaw was working with too many digital marketing suppliers.

“It was not a satisfactory experience,” said Head of E-commerce Nick Boyce. “We had to manage all our reporting separately.”

But with AdRoll PaaS, AdRoll's platform-as-a-service offering, King & McGaw got the reporting power they wanted. Nick was able to integrate up-to-the-minute campaign results directly into their internal reporting dashboard.

“The transparency of the reporting was the major thing for us,” Nick said. “It helps us keep our finger on the pulse—I rely on that daily. That's been a game changer.”

The King & McGaw online retail business has now experienced its biggest year of growth. “We're really maturing in the way that we approach digital display, including campaigns we run with AdRoll, and those we run ourselves,” Nick said.

Creative confidence and ease

King & McGaw also found it much easier to improve their retargeting campaigns with the help of their dedicated account manager.

“We were quite unimpressed with the creative opportunities of Criteo and Google,” Nick said. “Low-quality creative is just not on brand. Now we have much higher-quality creative—it's been a real step change.”

Their account manager also helped develop different reports and analyses.

“We have a truer look at what's really happening in our marketing,” Nick said. “It allows us to work more effectively, and the company-to-company relationship is much more productive.”

Now, King & McGaw is looking into running prospecting campaigns.

“To reach the next level, we're investigating more awareness campaigns,” Nick said. “We're more willing to do that than ever because we have better data on our audience. It's been a big part of our confidence in being able to move further up the funnel.”

About King & McGaw

Since 1982, art retailer King & McGaw has worked directly with galleries and artists worldwide to supply exclusive, museum quality images. The company has a simple ethos to bring inspiring, affordable art to everyone. Learn more at

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