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AdRoll helped us win the holiday season with face-to-face planning, creation of a detailed strategy, daily communication and optimisation."

Oli Elliott, Head of Paid Media, Kano

Kano’s mission is to use their innovative computer-building kits to make technology more accessible for the masses. They needed help sharing their story. Find out how we helped them #DareToGrow.

Adapting to growth

Looking to navigate through their rapid expansion, Kano needed help adapting to their changing business goals and maximising their potential.

‘Tis the season for more sales

Kano had made great headway building a strong following in the market. However, seeing that brand recognition translate into sales was still a concern for head of paid media, Oli Elliott.

‘We're highly seasonal with a huge Q4 holiday sales focus. The challenge here is maximising conversion opportunity in a highly competitive and fast moving environment,’ Elliott says.

AdRoll was uniquely positioned to help Kano boost their revenue during the busy (and very lucrative) holiday season. ‘The platform is built to be open and self-service when you need it to be but with operational and strategic assistance continuously available,’ Elliott says.

Boosting expectations

Kano had experienced rapid expansion, but there were still some bumps along the way: ‘Our main pain point has been adapting to our changing business goals as we rapidly evolve and grow,’ Elliott says.

With AdRoll’s support, expertise, and smart technology, Kano felt confident enough to set more ambitious goals: ‘Kano in 2018 will see accelerated growth from continued new customer awareness and acquisition around key launches,’ Elliot says. ‘Marketing will deliver this while also addressing the additional challenge of increasing profitability throughout the cross-channel customer journey.’

About Kano

Kano, founded in 2013, is a London-based company that produces build-it-yourself computer kits. With easy-to-follow instructions, adults and kids of all ages are able learn how to assemble computers from scratch and pick up fundamental coding skills.

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