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The beauty of AdRoll Convert is that our dynamic ads show up in all the right places on the web and Facebook. Thanks to this wide reach, we have seen an ROI of 19.3x."

Beautiful ads for beautiful homes needed a better way to stand out in a highly competitive interior decor market. Dynamic ads with AdRoll brought performance home.

Making home dreams a reality

It can be difficult to stand out from the crowd in the competitive home decor market in Sweden. By using dynamic , was able to feature their entire product catalogue with highly visual ads featuring the specific products most likely to appeal to each individual site visitor, based on their unique browsing behaviour.

“Using AdRoll’s dynamic ads across the web and Facebook, we maintained a consistent click-through rate and increase qualified traffic to the website,” reports Peter Drottz, partner at “By focusing on our performance and reach in the Swedish market, we’ve seen an increased ROI of nearly 20x.”

Measuring success with granular reporting

With campaigns running across so many different platforms, favours the granular reporting available from the AdRoll dashboard. Armed with that information, they were better prepared to optimise ongoing campaigns and make informed decisions about where to apply their online ad budget.

“AdRoll’s self-serve platform sets it apart from competitors. It’s easy to read and allows us to measure the effectiveness of each and every campaign we implement across different networks from one single dashboard,” says Drottz.

About offers a touch of magic to homes across Sweden with its high-quality bathroom and home decor products for companies, interior designers, architects, and private individuals.

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