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As one of the leading platforms in prospecting and retargeting, we trust AdRoll’s technology and expertise to achieve and exceed our key performance indicators (KPIs)."

Beatriz Mariscal, Online Media Specialist, Génesis

The Insurance of Performance Made Easy

When it came to their marketing technology, insurance company Génesis was looking for a single platform that delivers full-funnel performance, control, transparency, and reporting. They couldn’t find the solution they needed—until they tried AdRoll.

Full-Funnel Performance Brokers

The Génesis marketing team wanted a full-funnel platform that could run prospecting and retargeting campaigns in tandem. “One cannot really live without the other,” said online media specialist Beatriz Mariscal.

When they tried AdRoll, Génesis found they were able to fill their sales funnel in less time for a lower price. BidIQ, the artificial intelligence that attracts new quality users and convert them, impressed the team.

Claiming Control and Transparency

But Génesis needed more than just performance. They also wanted detailed transparency, control, and reporting for their weekly data checks.

“We like to work with a vendor who is transparent about data,” said Mariscal. “We want access to the platform to see how campaigns are going.”

With AdRoll, they had insight into how every cent performed. In one dashboard, the team could easily access and control their KPIs. Along with help from their free account manager, Génesis learned they should optimize their campaigns based on seasonal demand.

“Adroll has a lot of experience in programmatic, which always helps us achieve our KPI goals at the lowest CPM,” said Mariscal.

About Génesis

Génesis is one of the leading companies in the direct insurance market, specializing in car, motorcycle, home, and life insurance. With more than 20 years of experience, the company offers customers the possibility of finding the insurance that best suits their needs.

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