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The experience with AdRoll has been consistently excellent. From our first interaction with Sales to the onboarding process to the relationship with our awesome customer success manager, AdRoll has shown us we are more than just a sale in their eyes."

Travis Wright, Marketing Manager, Esther & Co.

There’s no need to dress up Esther’s growth story. Seamlessly blending design with affordability has seen them go from strength to strength across the fashion, accessory and homeware sectors since launching in 2004. See how they did it here.

Turning data into sales

As they expanded their offerings, Esther needed AdRoll’s help leveraging their data to target the right audiences and to personalise their customer journeys.

Partners they could rely on

Sometimes the most difficult challenge is moving past your initial success. Marketing manager, Travis Wright, knew this growing pain all too well. Esther’s growth gave them the opportunity to expand their offerings to include homeware, beauty products and accessories. But developing a cohesive, multichannel strategy to introduce these new offerings was proving to be more difficult than originally anticipated.

‘One of the main challenges we’ve faced, in the digital realm, was ensuring we curated a consistent brand image—across all channels—while working with an array of partners,’ says Wright.

AdRoll’s customer success management team was there throughout to ensure they had the support and infrastructure they needed. ‘To be able to trust a partner enough to not be involved for a few weeks made all the difference in our transition,’ says Wright. ‘It allowed me to support other areas of the business when it was needed most.’

Getting the full picture

Gaining a full view of your audiences is difficult when you’re using multiple marketing platforms. Often, it takes sifting through various reports to find out what the data is saying about your audiences. Wright was encountering this very problem.

‘We were having a tough time utilising our data to target the right, in-market audiences—especially since we’re advertising in multiple channels,’ Wright says.

The AdRoll Growth Marketing Platform helped bridge the gap between their disconnected data. Wright and the rest of his team were able to see how our their audiences were engaging with their ads, and leverage that information to create better customer experiences. ‘We’re constantly working towards interacting with customers on a more personal level,’ Wright says. ‘AdRoll’s dashboard helped us make data-driven optimisations that drastically improved our customer experiences.’

About Esther

Esther is an Australian-based, online retail company. Their extensive collection of chic and affordable clothing, accessories, beauty products and houseware has been hit with shoppers since 2004.

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