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Top Three AdRoll Value Adds



Custom reporting

The dashboard truly sets AdRoll apart... It gives great visuals and I can drill down quickly to have a response to my customers within a few minutes."

Mark Coveney, Account Director, Cherry Media Group

Delivering great results quickly and easily

Cherry Media Group works with small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that want a fast, simple way to track lead costs and ROI.

Delivering fantastic results to customers

Each of Cherry Media Group's clients has a unique campaign objective—one that can change even from week to week. To make sure they're hitting this shifting bullseye, they turned to AdRoll to get great results fast.

"AdRoll Convert has helped drive strong [effective cost per acquisition (eCPA)] results", says Leah Daly, media director at Cherry Media Group. "A lot of clients measure success by CPA and AdRoll delivers better than any partner that we’ve worked with in the past—and that includes AdRoll Attract."

Providing reporting that customers understand

After working with a number of different inventory sources in the past, they didn't have high hopes for receiving meaningful reporting. "At the end of the day, the clients just want to know the basic things", says Mark Coveney, account director at Cherry Media Group; yet it was always a big struggle to pull this together for them.

They were pleasantly surprised. "The detail and transparency that AdRoll provides is second to none and that allows us to give really detailed information to our clients as to how we're achieving their [key performance indicators (KPIs)]", says Coveney. "It’s why we use AdRoll."

Top Three AdRoll Value Adds

  • Support
  • Custom reporting
  • Transparency

About Cherry Media Group

Cherry Media Group is a fresh-thinking media agency helping SMBs grow and profit through smartly planned and targeted advertising while utilising both traditional and online marketing channels.

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