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With only so much man power and hours, it’s difficult to execute a strategy. AdRoll has really helped with solving the issue with its easy-to-use platform."

Brenden Hartmann, General Manager, Budgy Smuggler Digital Media

What started with a couple of mates writing "budgy smuggler" on a pair of briefs, quickly turned into a serious business. While their briefs may not have grown in the past five years, their brand certainly has. Check out their story here.

Growth that was anything but brief

Despite having a small team, Budgy Smuggler has a HUGE reach online. They needed help filling the gaps to ensure there were no roadblocks to their burgeoning growth.

A helping hand

Budgy Smuggler has been able to grow without much outside assistance. But as they scaled their operation, general manager, Brenden Hartmann, knew the team needed help maximising the effectiveness of their campaigns.

AdRoll’s account management team was there to provide the assistance and advice they needed to really deliver results online. ‘We’ve gained a lot, in terms of strategic direction, from the optimisation suggestions that helped improve our campaigns,’ Hartmann says.

Planning for global expansion

Budgy Smuggler’s cheeky branding (and might I say attractive briefs) have been the talk of the town. They knew if there was a huge market for their ‘smugglers’ in Australia, that there must be a market for them in other parts of the world. This thought has fed their ambition.

‘The main goal for the next 3 years would definitely be to grow into the UK and Europe,’ Hartmann says. This confidence has led to real action. ‘We’ve already set up an office in the UK. From there, we’d like to start a presence in the US too,’ Hartmann says.

With AdRoll taking care of the granular tasks, Hartmann and the team have the time to really plan for the future. ‘Campaigns are all set up and AdRoll optimises the rest. We just let them run on their own. This frees us up to actually take these initiatives on,’ Hartmann says.

About Budgy Smuggler

Budgy Smuggler is an Australian-based business that manufactures and sells swimwear. Known for their cheeky branding and fun designs, lads from all over Australia have ordered a pair (or ten)—becoming the swimsuit of choice.

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