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AdRoll is the perfect compliment to our other campaigns we run across other platforms."

Hannah Kennedy, Digital Marketing Manager, Boomf

As brand missions go..."showering the ones you love with love" is pretty hard to top. The team at Boomf stopped by our Dublin office to share their story on how AdRoll has helped them Dare to Grow.

Getting more personal

Looking to personalise their customer experience, Boomf needed help developing ad creative that was as innovative and fun as they are.

Bridging the creative gap

Boomf specialises in making people smile but digital marketing manager, Hannah Kennedy, was having trouble translating that to their online advertising.

‘I don’t believe we were making the most of AdRoll’s potential. Due to a lack of creative resources, I struggled to see how we would be able to change this,’ Kennedy says.

By partnering with AdRoll, Boomf gained access to our unlimited supply of resources, expertise, and knowledge. ‘We have very little in the way of in-house creative resource,’ Kennedy says. ‘But AdRoll’s creative team have been invaluable in adapting the creative we do have and turning them into excellent moving ads.’

Flexibility matters

As a challenger in the personalised card market, Boomf needed the ability to optimise their campaign spends on the fly. ‘Our budgets are very dependent on a lot of variables so they need to change week-to-week—sometimes day-to-day,’ Kennedy says.

The AdRoll Growth Marketing Platform provided the flexibility they needed to boost their conversions by 230%. ‘We’re a highly seasonal gifting business so during our peak times we require some build up,’ Kennedy says. ‘AdRoll has always been very compliant and communicative if we need to make any adjustments to our campaigns.’

About Boomf

Boomf, founded in 2013, makes and delivers personalised, tasty treats for every occasion. They are the premier gift-giving experts in the UK.

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