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Sales increase



Our sales cycles are long, so we partner with AdRoll to stay top-of-mind with our visitors throughout the buying process."

Laurent Bellone, Gérant du Site, Babyfoot Vintage

Top of mind—and at the top of their game

AdRoll helped Babyfoot Vintage build and strengthen loyalty throughout the entire sales cycle, reaching prospects and customers across all channels.

Retargeting gets customers to play ball

To table-football retailer Babyfoot Vintage, long buying cycles presented a serious challenge. ‘Orders made on our website do not result from an impulse purchase’, says manager Laurent Bellone. Instead, he explains, customers thoroughly research all the models, shortlist the best options, then make a decision. Bellone found that this drawn-out comparison shopping was distracting potential buyers, often taking them away from the site before they could place an order. To be on the ball, Babyfoot Vintage decided to try retargeting these customers to help them find their way back. AdRoll Convert successfully brought shoppers through the purchase funnel—and drove a 10% increase in sales.

Kitted out with AdRoll and leading the field

Babyfoot Vintage wanted additional ways to stay top of mind with current and prospective customers. Leveraging the extensive reach of the AdRoll platform, they were able to grow their brand presence across social media, the web, and mobile. They counterbalanced this broad reach with personalised creative, showing tailored ads based on their users’ real-time behaviour. This strategy was extremely effective across all channels. Thanks to the unified AdRoll dashboard, Babyfoot Vintage easily took first touch of these advanced marketing campaigns.

About Babyfoot Vintage

Babyfoot Vintage is an e-commerce retailer offering Europe’s largest selection of table-football brands and models.

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