Data and the AdRoll Prospecting IntentMap™

What data does the AdRoll Prospecting IntentMap use?

AdRoll processes signals from over 1.2 billion digital profiles every day. More than 6,000 marketers have already opted into the AdRoll Prospecting IntentMap data set—one of the largest intent-based data sets available today. AdRoll Prospecting taps into this data set to find potential customers who not only look like your current customers but act like them too.

Here are some examples of data the AdRoll Prospecting IntentMap uses from opted-in websites:

Advertiser domain

Visitor browsing and shopping activity on advertiser site

Vertical category of advertiser site

Geography via IP addresses (including US zip code)

Examples of what the AdRoll Prospecting IntentMap does NOT use:

  • No data from non-opted-in websites is used.
  • No data based on competitor targeting or other website-level segments is used. The IntentMap is built to be noncompetitive. To protect your audiences, AdRoll Prospecting builds new audience segments independently for each advertiser, analyzing customer digital profiles individually across sites.
  • No explicit personal information that easily identifies a user is used. We use only digital profiles represented by randomly generated numerals.

What do I get by opting in?

Once you’ve opted in, AdRoll analyzes intent signals from your site visitors and those of other opted-in advertisers. We then target a new segment of profiles who act like your existing customers and are likely to be interested in your products.

How does AdRoll protect my audiences?

AdRoll neither transfers your audience segments nor reveals your campaign performance to other advertisers. AdRoll Prospecting analyzes digital profiles individually across sites. We do not offer competitor targeting or website-level segments.

By opting into the AdRoll Prospecting IntentMap, are you collecting any additional data about my site visitors?

No, we use the AdRoll pixel to collect the same information for AdRoll Prospecting as AdRoll Retargeting. This information includes the content users view, the date and time they visit, the products they buy, and the location information associated with their IP addresses.

Unlike social networks, we do not know people’s names or friendship connections.

Once I opt in, can I opt out?

You can opt out at any time, after which AdRoll will no longer contribute the data about how users interact with your website to the AdRoll Prospecting IntentMap. You will also be unable to run future AdRoll Prospecting campaigns until you opt in again.

I’m an agency. Can I opt in on behalf of my client?

Yes. You must have login access to the client’s AdRoll campaigns in order to opt them into AdRoll Prospecting.

AdRoll is the most widely used prospecting and retargeting platform.

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