Intelligently reach your customers everywhere with AdRoll Cross-Device

The modern consumer uses multiple devices to make a single purchase. AdRoll Cross-Device enables you to efficiently reach potential customers with a cohesive campaign as they hop from one device to another.


How AdRoll Cross-Device works

An individual accesses your website from various devices (e.g., phone, tablet, laptop).

AdRoll IntentMap™ aggregates the individual’s behavior on your website from multiple devices to create a single digital profile.

AdRoll analyzes the digital profile to help determine the ideal time and place to serve an ad to drive the individual back to your website.

How AdRoll Cross-Device is unique

Efficient campaigns

AdRoll Cross-Device analyzes a user’s intent signals across multiple devices to more effectively bid on online ad space to help win their business.

Transparent performance

Understand how users are interacting with your brand across desktop and mobile, and use your cross-device insights to optimize your digital strategy.

Accurate attribution

Understand the true impact of your marketing campaigns by more accurately attributing clicks and conversions.

Case studies


“With the power of AdRoll across mobile, social, and the web, we’ve been able to capitalize on our new brand partnerships, sales, and holiday initiatives.”

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"Our customers live in a multi-screen world and engage across multiple devices. We wanted to create a seamless experience, regardless of device."

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