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July - September 2018

Get GDPR-friendly AdRoll ads instantly!

With our easy-to-use consent management tool you can expand your reach with EU shoppers and make sure that your AdRoll ads are GDPR-friendly. We’ve made it as simple as logging in and picking the best option for your business.

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Boost your sales and expand your reach with our latest ad type.

You know those awesome sponsored articles you see on top publishers? Well imagine if you could use those articles to showcase the perfect offer to your customers. We’ve added native dynamic web ads to our capabilities, which means your native ads can now showcase dynamic product content from your product catalog! Make sure you take advantage today.

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We’re finding you even more ways to connect with shoppers.

Speaking of reaching customers using premium publishers, we wanted to make sure you had great coverage across the web and mobile, so we’ve added native inventory from Google AdX and Triplelift as our latest supply expansions. Now you get 33% more reach with no extra work. Don’t miss out, make sure you have native ad sizes in your campaigns.

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Dashboard Updates

  • Now you can schedule custom reports directly to your email inbox. Learn more.
  • When you click into any default report, you’ll now find a summary bar at the top to see all your aggregated metrics above the detailed information.
  • The overview section of your campaign dashboard now allows you to filter campaigns by searching for specific campaigns or groups of campaigns.
  • When you dig into the campaign details for any campaign, you can expand and collapse all AdGroups across every tab (ads, audience, and placements) with one click.
  • We’ve made a few helpful updates to our attribution dashboard:
    • You can now directly compare any two attribution models and see how your contributions change.
    • You can now toggle on/off direct touch points to see the scale and impact of your marketing touch points, similar to what you can do in Google Analytics.
    • You can now toggle on/off cross-device identity to more closely align what you see with Google Analytics, which currently does not offer cross-device.

Technology Updates

  • We’ve improved our ad technology to learn and adjust more quickly to maximize your budget and reach your goals more effectively. That means smarter spending and improved performance for your business.
  • We’ve improved our ad technology to be smarter about how much you spend each day to make sure it powers better overall performance throughout the month.

AdRoll has generated over $7 billion in revenue for customers.

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