Video Marketing Resources

AdRoll video puts the power of video ads across the web, Facebook and Instagram in your hands. Video marketing works best when you begin with your specific objectives in mind. This playbook will help you connect your desired outcomes with the correct campaign type and video content for ultimate success. See how video ads work.

1. Build Brand Awareness

Video is one of the best channels for capturing the attention of a shopper online. In a recent survey, respondents said that video is the type of content they’re most likely to pay attention to.

Launch AdRoll’s Brand Awareness solution:

Capture the attention of new shoppers & bring them to your site with AdRoll’s Brand Awareness solution.

Measure the success of this campaign with our cost per new visitor metric to ensure we are efficiently bringing new users to your site.

Leverage videos that:

  • Showcase your brand

  • Customer Testimonials

Here’s how AdRoll helps you attract new shoppers

2. Turn Visitors Into Customers

Video engages customers and moves them to purchase quickly - 64% of consumers purchase after watching branded social videos.

Launch AdRoll Retargeting:

Engage with recent site visitors to bring them back to your site & convert.

Measure the success of this campaign with our Attribution dashboard. Video may not be the final touchpoint prior to conversion, leverage our attribution dash to see how video impacted your other campaigns.

Leverage videos that:

  • Feature specific products

  • How-to videos

Here’s how AdRoll helps you convert shoppers to purchase

3. Grow Customer Loyalty

Video is your chance to leave a lasting impression on your audience, which in turn leads to increased repeat business.

Launch AdRoll CRM:

Integrate your ecomm platform with AdRoll or upload your email lists directly into our dashboard to target past purchasers for loyalty campaigns.

Leverage videos that:

  • Feature new products

Grow Customer Loyalty

Don’t have time to build videos that speak to the different audiences you’re targeting? Let our video creation partners help you build new content!