Better Brand Awareness

It can be tempting to set your sights on conversions, revenue and leads and forget where it all begins: brand awareness. Just like you wouldn’t flip to the end of a book and expect to get the full value of the story, your approach to marketing shouldn’t ignore the pivotal moment when a potential customer becomes aware of your brand or product.

Why is brand awareness important?

A brand awareness specific campaign allows you to tell your brand story in a way that resonates with your audience and creates a connection. Potential customers appreciate this connection in more ways than one. 59% of consumers in a recent survey said they prefer to buy new products from brands they are already familiar with. This means that investing in a long-term brand awareness strategy sets you up for an increased lifetime value (LTV) and lower overall customer acquisition costs (CAC).

Why is AdRoll the best partner for my brand awareness campaigns?

The marketing landscape is increasingly complicated. In order to reach your audience and stand out above the noise, you’re required to compete on multiple platforms, many of which operate in silos. This leaves you with a few problems:

  • Extra time spent duplicating work across platforms
  • Incomplete or inaccurate cross-channel attribution
  • An obstructed view of the overall customer journey

Since 2007, we’ve been in the business of helping business create smarter online marketing strategies. We put that experience to work to solve the brand awareness puzzle, combining easy video and static ad distribution on Facebook, Google, Instagram and even more with our powerful machine-learning and AI capabilities for better targeting and customer insights. We wrapped all of that up with cross-channel attribution to provide you with the long-term customer insights you need to create profitable connections with your target audience.

How can I target my potential customers?

We provide a diverse set of targeting strategies to help you find your target audience and make an impact on their decision-making process. Our targeting capabilities fall into three main categories: contextual targeting, demographic and interest targeting, and lookalike targeting.

  • Contextual targeting

    Showcase your brand on content that you’d like to be associated with and/or is relevant to your industry

  • Demographic and interest targeting

    You know your audience best. Let us know the attributes of your target audience and we can launch strategies targeting these audiences.

    *only available in NAMER
  • Lookalike targeting

    Remove the limitations & let our algorithm identify new shoppers who look & act like your current customer base across the web to bring new high, intent audiences to your site

What metrics should I be measuring for my AdRoll brand awareness campaigns?

The main metric we are trying to impact with your AdRoll brand awareness campaigns is quality new site traffic. We offer insight into the following metrics:

  • Reach
  • New Visitors
  • Non-Bounced Visitors

We recommend that you look at each of those metrics regularly to determine how much traffic your campaigns are driving and the overall quality of that traffic.

While brand awareness campaigns should be set up with the goal of increasing awareness of and positive sentiment towards your brand and products, we know that revenue is the final word in the success of all marketing campaigns. That’s why we have a full-funnel attribution tool that allows you to see how your campaigns are impacting your goals, even if they’re not driving them directly.

Every good story has a beginning, middle, and an end. Make sure you’re off to a successful start with the power of brand awareness with AdRoll.

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