Agency Partners

AdRoll helps ambitious agencies, and their clients, grow.

What it is

As an AdRoll Agency Partner, you’ll be able to deliver compelling and consistent results for your clients. Manage ad campaigns from the Agency Dashboard, leverage attribution and reporting tools, and gain access to campaign resources that guide you each step of way, including direct AdRoll support. No matter the size of your agency, we’ll ensure that your marketing budget delivers real impact to your bottomline. Go a step further with our Training Portal and AdRoll Certification offerings.

How it works

Getting started as an AdRoll Agency Partner only takes a few simple steps. Start by signing up, and you will be put you in touch with an AdRoll contact right away. After understanding your agency needs, we’ll be able to get you started on the agency dashboard so you can immediately begin delivering ads and monitoring campaigns.

“We see AdRoll as an extension of our team—they’re always quick to jump in and listen to our ideas. We’ve been happy to see a lot of of our product feedback come to life. Together, we’ve grown relationship-wise and campaign-wise.”

Zaundra Butler, Digital Marketing Manager, Paciolan (formerly Spectra Ticketing & Fan Engagement)


  • Advertise smarter. Instantly know who needs your attention and why. We offer a unified view of your clients, their campaigns, and your revenue-growing opportunities.

  • Grow using your favorite tools. Bring in your clients’ audiences from Adobe, Salesforce, Shopify, and more. Push your data into your tools of choice. We make it simple.

  • Work even when you’re not working. Automation and smart defaults automatically maximize performance. Our platform works 24/7 to help clients see the best results.

  • Become an AdRoll Certified Agency. Join the hundreds of agencies using the Training Portal to learn advanced controls, unlocking the most value for their clients.

  • Get expert guidance. As you gain more clients and handle bigger budgets with AdRoll, our account management team will help move every client forward.

Use cases

  • Full-funnel impact. Optimize for the full funnel and across channels—no walled gardens or silos. Our technology works to help you get the best ad placement at the best value.

  • Workflow simplification. Use our single platform, so you can focus your time only on the clients and campaigns that currently need it.

  • Increased brand awareness. Drive your clients’ brand awareness, generate interest in their products and services, and help them expand into new markets.

  • Optimize results with high-performing ads. Deploy dynamic, personalized ad campaigns across the web, social, and email to help your clients target and grow.