AdRoll Convert

Create customers who keep coming back

What it is

Reconnect with the people who connect with your brand. AdRoll Convert guides them to your site to complete purchases —over and over again—with relevant, well-timed images and videos that remind them why they love your brand.

How it works

One small pixel on your site opens up a big world of possibilities. AdRoll Convert is powered by A.I that dynamically learns the best time to serve ads across the web, social, and email to create loyal fans and repeat customers.

“Our retargeting is consistently profitable for us. We get a consistently positive ROI on our ad spend, and that's what makes it easier for us to reach our goals on a monthly basis. It also makes it easier for us to run different types of experimental campaigns because we know we're going to get a solid ROI.”

Haley Ausserer, director of marketing and communications, Floracopeia


  • Boost sales easily. On average, 96–98% of e-commerce visitors leave before completing a purchase. Deliver new customers to your site and keep bringing them back to buy with personalized, cross-channel, cross-device ads.

  • Use science, not guesswork. Learn from every single impression. Our technology is constantly adjusting your campaigns to ensure your brand story resonates and keeps customers coming back, all to help drive business results.

  • Know exactly what is—and isn’t—working. Grow smarter, with clear and accurate data. Transparent data lets you measure success to drive the best results.

Use cases

  • Compelling ad personalization. Win with ads that are automatically tailored to individual browsing behavior. Show your customers you care with dynamic ads made specifically for them. On average, these ads see a 100% higher click-through rate (CTR) and a 50% lower cost per click (CPC) and cost per acquisition (CPA) than static ads.

  • Smarter email. Bring more customers back to convert with dynamic emails based on real-time on-site behavior, not just on past purchases. On average, AdRoll emails have seen a 76% open rate and 10% CTR3—and a 50x return on investment.

  • Offline-data integrations. You meet potential customers everywhere— bridge the gap between offline and online activities. Import profiles from your marketing tools, and convert them with personalized ads. Our customers have connected over 60,000 unique audiences that they can now target everywhere.

On average, customers running ads across web and social have decreased CPA by 32%.