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What Is AdRoll Attribution

Engage your most valuable shoppers, and make smarter decisions on your ad spend, with a clear view into the marketing touchpoints influencing shoppers’ behavior. AdRoll Attribution assigns conversion credit to marketing channels that influence your customer journey, in real-time, so you can quickly scale the marketing activities that drive growth.

4 Ways We Help You Fine-Tune Performance

1. Learn what turns visitors into customers.

Average Order Value by Customer Paths

Time by Conversion

Multi-Touch Journeys Across campaigns, tactics, segments, devices, and ad group

See how your AdRoll campaigns nurture low-intent audiences into loyal customers. Get a deeper look into AdRoll’s impact, and uncover opportunities to optimize conversion paths, across audience segments, geographies, devices, and tactics.

2. Move from siloed channels to optimized customer journeys.

Cross-Channel Journey
See your entire customer journey in one place with ACV, time to conversion & revenue.

Combine UTM-tagged marketing activities with your AdRoll campaigns to capture all the different touchpoints on your customers’ path to purchase. See how channels work together to drive conversions, so you can make smarter marketing investments based on the entire journey, not a single channel.

3. Spot conversion trends that matter, fast.

Performance Trends Compare overall site conversions with AdRoll influenced and attributed

Shopper Insights See the devices, countries, and audience segments impacting revenue.

Easily identify website trends—such as conversions by revenue, AOV, cost per acquisition (CPA), AdRoll assisted, and AdRoll attributed to understand how AdRoll influenced shoppers, compared with overall site performance.

4. Easily test, compare, and evolve your attribution model.

Apply the right attribution model for your business Understand how your AdRoll activities work together by comparing different rule based models.

Supplement what you see in Google Analytics Our dashboard gives access to all your metrics and conversion paths, including viewers who see your ads but don't immediately click.

See how your model holds up against others, without having to commit to any wholesale changes or investments. AdRoll gives you a safe space to explore how different attribution models define success and guides you through the process of switching.

“We have admittedly been stuck in more basic methods of measurement and naturally focused in on what was obvious with standard metrics. AdRoll has moved our thinking into the modern age and made us look at all our marketing channels in a whole new light of overall impact.”

Anthony Gilroy, Senior Director of Marketing, Steinway & Sons

“With AdRoll’s attribution dashboard, we’re getting a complete picture of what’s working in a way that my clients can understand. I recommend every e-commerce store get this level of visibility.”

Dan Scala, Co-Founder, agencyTHE

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About AdRoll Growth Marketing Platform

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