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lower bounce rate compared to other advertising vendors


higher retargeting click-through rate (CTR)*


lower prospecting click cost per acquisition (CPA)*


CRM retargeting click-through rate (CTR) for unsubscribed users

The beauty of the AdRoll platform is that it updates in real-time, so you can constantly test new things out and see immediate results. We use 20% of our overall budget just for testing, and a portion of this always goes to AdRoll campaigns.

—Brooke Leslie
Senior Marketing Manager at AlienVault

Optimizing Web Traffic Conversion through Retargeting

AlienVault’s site traffic was increasing exponentially quarter over quarter, but they wanted to convert a larger percentage of visitors into paying customers. They turned to AdRoll to help reel prospects back onto the site and nudge them toward purchase.

With growing web traffic and an emphasis on serving educational content to the right audience (in this case, information security practitioners), AlienVault came to AdRoll with the goal of re-engaging web visitors that did not immediately convert to a sales qualified lead (SQL).

Finding Security in Real-Time Testing

Given a lean team and limited budget, AlienVault was interested in testing different retargeting strategies in order to turn heavy site traffic into conversions and opportunities faster.

With aggressive lead targets and limited program dollars, AlienVault was hopeful that retargeting would help them further leverage the investments they were already making, both organically and from a paid perspective.

“We were specifically concerned with re-engaging new website visitors who didn’t convert. We were hopeful that by serving this population relevant ads through retargeting we could convert them to an SQL. AdRoll gave us the perfect testing platform to prove/disprove this theory,” said Vincent Lucier, Digital Programs Specialist.

AdRoll’s easy implementation, real-time testing capabilities, and customer service enabled AlienVault to experiment with various strategies while also building out their brand. They used retargeting for web and Facebook and conducted a bake-off between AdRoll and a competitor to see who would bring in more SQLs. In the end, AdRoll generated a higher volume of conversions at a more competitive cost per lead.

“The beauty of the AdRoll platform is that it updates in real-time, so you can constantly test new things out and see immediate results. We use 20% of our overall budget just for testing, and a portion of this always goes to AdRoll campaigns,” said Leslie.

Lucier added “We love that we can go in and self-serve, to set up new campaigns and tests. The platform is easy to use and when we have questions, the support team is very responsive.”

Their investment proved to be worth it. Compared to other advertising vendors, they saw a 38% lower bounce rate. Compared to the industry average, they saw a 53% higher retargeting CTR and 18% lower prospecting click CPA.

Between the supportive Account Management team and the impressive results, AlienVault was sold on AdRoll.

How AlienVault Got Their Unsubscribes Back

After their successful testing, AlienVault sought to further expand their audience and personalize their paid social reach through a CRM integration. By adopting AdRoll’s Marketo integration, AlienVault could target users who unsubscribed from their mailing lists with ads and eventually bring them back into their system.

“[The integration] gives you the advantage of taking the eyes that have already been on your page and serving them more,” explained Lucier.

Pursuing these unsubscribed users proved to be extremely successful; without being able to reach them by email, AlienVault effectively reengaged unsubscribed users with a CTR of 0.14%.

At this point, the team was convinced; AdRoll’s full-funnel marketing platform was the best way to drive results and increase revenue. “You’re losing money if you don’t do some form of retargeting in this day and age. Especially if you’re already dedicating budget to paid programs,” said Leslie.

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*compared to industry average

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