GUIDE, 20 Pages
Published: Jun 2015

The European Marketer's Guide to Retargeting (EMEA)

Retargeting allows you to curate the perfect customer base, where every person seeing your brand is interested, engaged and willing to purchase. Our system enables marketers to directly influence their most promising prospects with personalised ads and messaging, focusing investment on audiences that are likely to convert.

It is so effective that 88% of European marketers compare retargeting favourably to search, and 93% say that retargeting performs the same as or better than other display campaigns, and helps solve the issue of wasted ad spend on ambivalent viewers.

Report Highlights:
This comprehensive guide demonstrates how to keep the right customers returning to your site through prudent marketing. With tips in:

  • リターゲティング 101
  • Lessons of Great Landing Pages
  • The Marketer’s Guide to Customised Creative
  • Mapping Intent and Geotargeting