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Finding out whether it’s a good return on our investment is easy: I can look at the dashboard and say, ‘I made this much.’ My bottom line is my bottom line with AdRoll."

—Nick LoCoco
General Manager, RX Smart Gear

Kicking online advertising into high gear

データ分析に長けたRx Smart Gearは、確実にパフォーマンスを向上するオンライン広告パートナーを求めていました。AdRollをパートナーに選び、目に見える結果を手に入れました。

A direct line on ROI

Rx Smart Gearの広告活動は手探りで行われていました。「小規模ビジネスの広告の大半は、目に見える形の収穫はないんです」と Rx Smart GearのゼネラルマネジャーであるNick LoCocoは言います。「AdRollでひと月目に週当たり$250の予算を当てたとき、『もし収穫がなかったらここを使うのはもうやめよう』と考えていました。ところがすぐに効果が現れ、次にはもう「なんでこれを毎月使わないんだろう」と思い始めました。

AdRoll’s dedicated support team made that decision even easier. "Hook, line, and sinker for us was the fact that the sales rep helped us out from start to finish," raves LoCoco. “Using the support team was hassle-free.”

When analytics matter (and they always matter)

LoCoco brings a strong data bias to his advertising: “I was in the IT world for 10 years before I started at Rx Smart Gear. I had colleagues who were running SEO and getting deep into the data, and they gave me a little glimpse of what goes into marketing analytics, but nothing to the point of all the analytics we run now.”

The site- and campaign-level reporting they get with AdRoll has helped Rx Smart Gear make more informed decisions about their online advertising. LoCoco reports, “Every week I can look at my AdRoll dashboard and see, ‘AdRoll made me this much in sales and it only cost me this much.’ It’s an instant view of what’s working.”

About Rx Smart Gear

Rx Smart Gear is the maker of the Rx Jump Rope and a line of gym equipment scientifically designed to give you the best workout possible.