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CTC Rate Increase**

We’ve had a long-standing relationship with AdRoll and they’ve been an extension of our marketing team. They fully understand our industry and goals, and are always finding new, innovative ways to maximize sales and promote our brand.

—Bridget Zingale
e-Commerce Marketing Manager at Benefit

The Benefit of full-funnel retargeting for e-Commerce & retail sales

Benefit Cosmetics, an internationally known cosmetics manufacturer, is featured in 4,000+ stores in more than 35 countries. Benefit also has a digital presence to drive e-Commerce and promote the brand where consumers are researching online. In an effort to increase both online and offline sales, Benefit turned to AdRoll to target key audiences at different stages of the purchase funnel based on their level of engagement & demonstrated intent on

Benefit worked closely with AdRoll to test ads on Facebook and the general web, improve ad creative, and optimize bid strategies. To maximize campaign performance, Benefit ran over 20 creative variations featuring different products and branding to identify the highest-performing ads. To drive retail sales, Benefit geo-targeted markets with a known concentration of high-value customers, and restricted regions that yielded lower-value conversions.

Personalized advertising in the Facebook News Feed

To create a personalized user experience and scale ads globally across their retargeting programs, Benefit took advantage of AdRoll’s dynamic creative solution directly in the Facebook News Feed. Benefit web visitors were shown ads for specific products they had viewed and recommended products as they browsed their Facebook accounts. These ads resulted in a significantly higher conversion rate. Bridget Zingale, e-Commerce marketing manager at Benefit comments, “We know our audience spends a large portion of their time on Facebook, and AdRoll has been a key driver in re-engaging them to convert. With no additional engineering resources, we launched AdRoll’s dynamic ad product on the Facebook News Feed, and it has 5.6x higher conversion rates compared to the static ads. We couldn’t be happier with performance.”

*Retargeting on Facebook
**News Feed Dynamic Creative