REPORT, 17 Pages
Published: Nov 2015
Topic(s): Industry Trends, Strategy

Welcome to the Era of Mad Tech

Advertising technology is disrupting the way media agencies operate and it’s turning Mad Men into Maths Men. But is that a bad thing for the industry?

In our Welcome to the Era of Mad Tech report, AdRoll surveyed 200 UK media agencies of all sizes to explore how ad tech is transforming media agencies’ traditional business models. When it comes to embracing ad-tech solutions, some agencies move faster than others—but standing still is no longer an option.

Report Highlights:

  • Why almost every agency has future-proofing as a priority
  • How agency size and turnover affects ad-tech adoption
  • Which agency roles are disappearing the fastest
  • What makes or breaks relationships with ad-tech partners
  • How ad tech is helping agencies be more creative again