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Conversions Driven from Prospecting*


Retargeting CPA


Retargeting CTR**

AdRoll Prospecting makes up 14% of conversions. This prospecting CTR is 200% higher than just retargeting; 94% of this traffic is from new prospects clicking the ads, showing high engagement.

—Chris Tam
Senior Growth Marketing Manager, Virool

Streaming Success with High-definition Targeting

Virool already had a steady stream of web traffic with the help of mentions on TechCrunch, Mashable, and AdWeek. However, they wanted to more precisely target their ads based on level of interest.

Growing their Fanbase: More Clicks and Conversions

Virool, a fast-growing startup, turned to AdRoll to help grow its presence in the global advertising market. Virool used AdRoll to promote brand recognition and to re-engage past website visitors who were in the consideration stage.

Virool collaborated with AdRoll to create Retargeting on the web and Facebook and Prospecting campaigns. “In practice, retargeting just works. AdRoll helps to keep you top-of-mind,” says Chris Tam, senior growth marketing manager at Virool.

Through these campaigns, Virool was able to drive a retargeting CTR of 0.3%, triple the industry standard. Additionally, Virool drove 307 conversions from retargeting with a $36 cost per acquisition (CPA).

Hitting Play on Prospecting Power

Virool is also able to feed their retargeting campaigns with leads from their prospecting campaigns. So far, Virool has driven 339 conversions from prospecting.

Most notably, Tam states, “AdRoll Prospecting is great for filling the top of the sales funnel and complements AdRoll’s retargeting capabilities. Across all other paid campaigns, our CPA is $150. Our prospecting CPA, however, is $30.”

About Virool

Virool is a video distribution platform for brand marketers that leverages programmatic technology to reach key influencers, making content more engaging and the ability to share easier than ever. To learn more, visit:

*Stats since March 1, 2016
**Triple the industry standard

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