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Through the AdRoll integration with Marketo, we’re able to get our campaigns running quickly and focus our attention on campaign strategy, rather than implementation.

—Emi Winslow
Online Marketing Manager, Pantheon

Pantheon is making it personal

Looking to ramp up their retargeting—and become an early adopter of critical integrations like Marketo—Pantheon chose AdRoll.

Engaging the right audiences

Pantheon wanted to reach B2B customers with highly targeted ads— and exclude current customers from retargeting campaigns. “Choosing AdRoll was easy,” says Emi Winslow, online marketing manager at Pantheon. The Marketo CRM integration for AdRoll “cut down my campaign creation time and opened Pantheon up to a much larger inventory than Google,” Winslow says; plus, “it was a much easier user experience.”

With the help of Pantheon’s customer lists, AdRoll built matching profiles using its Prospecting software. They’ve seen 74 total conversions, including 53 click-through conversions (CTCs), five view-through conversions (VTCs), and 11 “assisted conversions” in which a user converted in a retargeting campaign. With the Marketo integration, Pantheon converted new users at nearly the same cost as their retargeting CPA goal.


Speaking to customers uniquely

With AdRoll, Pantheon was able to get the granularity required for precise targeting. “We’re able to serve different messages to current and prospective customers,” says Winslow. “For example, we can set up the campaign to make sure we aren’t serving sign-up ads to people who are already paying customers, which is a better experience for our customers and more cost efficient for us.”

Thanks to the customer insights and campaign control available through AdRoll, Pantheon further refined their marketing efforts, sending smarter, better-tailored messaging over time as they continued to hone in on target audiences.

About Pantheon

With elastic hosting and cloud-based development tools, Pantheon is building the world’s best website management platform for Drupal and WordPress.

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