Case Study | Industry: B2B

Products Used: AdRoll Retargeting, AdRoll Prospecting


Drop in blended cost per acquisition (CPA)


Prospecting cost per new visitor


Of trial sign ups driven by prospecting

AdRoll has proven to be a very successful part of our marketing mix. I can now turn to my boss and know exactly who engaged in an ad view, requested a download that led to a conversion event, and who became a customer. We can also now arm our sales team with more actionable data such as which content leads to more deals closing.

—Paul Suway
Senior Demand Generation Manager

Better insights, bigger impact

PagerDuty was looking to reach new audiences, get more visibility into their customer journey, and better align efforts with their sales team. By adding AdRoll Prospecting and the Marketo Connector to AdRoll Retargeting, PagerDuty increased the quality of leads, gained clearer insights to optimize their campaigns and better data to share with sales to increase conversions.

Paging new prospects

As a longtime AdRoll client, PagerDuty was getting results from retargeting, but they wanted help finding new leads. Thus, PagerDuty decided to layer on prospecting to deliver warm leads to sales.

“Setting up AdRoll Prospecting was huge because it’s a new channel—it’s helped us identify a new audience and broaden our voice,” said Paul Suway, Senior Demand Generation Manager at PagerDuty.

Since adding AdRoll Prospecting, PagerDuty has seen cost per new visitor drop to $0.83, and their overall cost per acquisition (CPA) drop by over 60%.

“Working with AdRoll allows me to repurpose existing campaigns and extend them without a lot of additional work, giving all of our content more mileage,” said Suway.

Data duties just got easier

With AdRoll Prospecting and AdRoll Retargeting working in tandem, Suway needed to know the effect of his campaigns on pipeline leads. AdRoll’s Marketo Connector allowed him to easily access detailed insights to optimize campaigns for the highest returns—from the top of the marketing funnel to the bottom.

“We didn’t have a lot of visibility into the customer journey and didn’t know which levers to pull to speed up our marketing efforts—all platforms were reporting numbers that didn’t match with our source of truth—Marketo.” Suway said. “The Marketo Connector has been hugely helpful because we are able to better identify the types of content people are viewing and engaging with. As all of our content is tied to unique personas, we want to arm our sales team with the most actionable data to close deals.”

Since adding AdRoll Retargeting, Prospecting and the Marketo Connector, PagerDuty has experienced three main benefits: finding new high-quality leads who look like their converting customers, identifying prospects to reach out to who have been to their website but haven’t converted, and knowing exactly how to grow the products their current customers spend the most on.

“AdRoll has proven to be a very successful part of our marketing mix,” Suway said.

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