Retargeting 101: Learn how to gain more customers

You may have heard about retargeting, but what does it actually do? Gavin Flood, our International Senior Marketing Director, is here to help. He breaks down how retargeting ads can convert your existing website traffic into sales.

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Hi! My name is Gavin Flood and I’m a Senior Marketing Director at AdRoll.

Did you know that only 2% of traffic to a website converts on the first visit? So one of the biggest challenges that brands have is getting those visitors to come back to turn them into customers and then into repeat customers.

So how do you reach that 98% of visitors who don’t convert right away?

This is where retargeting comes in. As the name suggests, this is where you target past website visitors to encourage them back to your site. As they’ve already shown interest and intent in your brand, you definitely want to get back in front of them.

Have you ever looked at a pair of shoes online or checked out a flight but didn’t purchase, then later, when on another site seen an ad for those shoes and that flight? That’s retargeting.

So how does retargeting work?

First, a snippet of code, also known as a retargeting pixel, is placed on your website. That pixel collects essential data about your site visitors; the pages they visited, the time they spent on site etc. The pixel also drops a cookie in the visitors browser. This cookie leaves a trail of crumbs as that person continues to browse online, allowing you to target them wherever they go and with whatever message you want. That could be a reminder, a discount or an offer of more information.

It works across web and social and across devices. It even works on email. While the technology behind retargeting might be impressive, what’s even more impressive is the research from Spiralytics that shows that online shoppers are 70% more likely to convert when retargeted with display ads.

Simply put, retargeting works. It gives marketers unparalleled access to an already engaged audience at scale. So what are you waiting for?

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