Dynamic vs. static ads–which one wins?

Justin Smith, our Senior Account Manager, has the answer and further explains the value and use case of each. You’ll be able to better determine which ad type is right for your business.

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Hello! My name is Justin Smith, and I'm a senior account manager at AdRoll. One of the questions I get asked most from my customers is the difference between static and dynamic ads.

What's the difference between the two? Does one have a higher conversion rate than the other or better click-through rate? Well, first, let's briefly define each.

Static ads have been around since the beginning of online advertising, and as the name suggests, features a static or unchanging image. Dynamic ads, on the other hand, deliver a richer experience by featuring multiple products, images, and motion.

Let's walk through the pros and cons of both static and dynamic ads.

Static ads are great because they're accepted by nearly all advertising networks, which guarantees reach to your target audience. These ads are relatively easy to produce and don't require in-depth technical or creative expertise, which makes them a great fit for marketers who are resource-constrained. However, static ads can lack the personalization and flashiness that provides a richer experience.

Dynamic ads, on the other hand, are highly personalized and tend to have a much higher conversion rate.

While creating the ad, you can set criteria that you want to be dynamic, such as the product displayed, price, or discount. Since these ads change based on consumer behavior, they're more personalized, increasing the likelihood a person will visit and purchase on your website repeatedly. Remember, they can be harder to create. Once you set up your product feed, you'll need to regularly check in for ongoing maintenance to make sure your criteria is up-to-date.

To sum it up, there's no clear winner between static and dynamic ads. If you don't have many products on your site or are focused on a general site-wide promo, static ads can be a great way to amplify your brand.

However, if you do have the technical expertise to build out and maintain a product feed, I recommend testing out dynamic ads. Typically, the best campaigns and advertisers run a healthy mix of both static and dynamic ads to make sure you're getting the best of both worlds.

At AdRoll, we can run both static and dynamic ads. Better yet, run both, and our algorithm will determine which ad format to serve for each and every impression. Get your campaign started today at AdRoll.com