Event Date: June 28th, 11am PST
Host(s): Prachi Mishra, Product Marketing Manager and Instagram specialist, AdRoll, & Blaise Lucey, Senior Content Strategist, Bitly

Instagram Marketing in 2016: Organic, Paid, and Partnered

Webinar Highlights:
2016 is the year of Instagram marketing. Since Instagram unveiled advertising in the last quarter of 2015, businesses have been eager to take advantage of the social media platform’s highly-engaged audience and explosive growth.

Join Prachi Mishra, Product Marketing Manager and Instagram specialist at AdRoll, and Blaise Lucey, Senior Content Strategist at Bitly, for an enlightening webinar that’ll show you exactly how businesses can make the most out of organic, paid, and partner campaigns on Instagram.

In this free webinar you’ll hear a lively discussion on the following topics:

  • Why Instagram is the best channel for social media marketing
  • A step-by-step guide on how to create effective Instagram content
  • How to build effective partner marketing campaigns
  • How paid ads on Instagram work and how to make yours effective