Let’s Talk About Christmas Marketing

Event Date: July 26th, 3pm
Host(s): AdRoll, The Drum, and Moonpig

Webinar Highlights:
There are a number of strategies you should adopt to win new business, maximise your ROI, and stay top-of-mind with your customers and prospects this Christmas season.

Do you want to understanding how to drive your business forward and capture the attention of early Christmas shoppers as well as last minute spenders? Join AdRoll, The Drum and leading retail experts Moonpig in this webinar to find out what tactics and strategies can be used to prepare your business for digital-marketing domination this Christmas.

Highlights include:

  • Planning and delivering successful seasonal campaigns
  • Segmentation strategies and re-engagement tactics
  • Maximising historical data to drive sales this Christmas
  • Using dynamic creative to drive higher conversion rates
  • Expanding reach across web, social and mobile

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