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Retargeting has increasingly helped us maximise conversions and re-engage our customers. With AdRoll, we can trust that we get cutting-edge tactics and powerful technology.

—Greer Alston
Marketing Manager, Beginning Boutique

Retargeting in style

Beginning Boutique wanted to reengage shoppers who had shown high interest but hadn’t yet bought anything. AdRoll hit the target.

Finding their fashionistas

With over 100,000 monthly unique visitors, Beginning Boutique was seeing a steady stream of potential customers. AdRoll helped them make the most of that traffic by serving timesensitive promotional discounts on Facebook and across the web.

Beginning Boutique marketing manager Greer Alston comments, “AdRoll is user-friendly and their reporting really helps you understand how you can get the most bang for your buck. We’ve seen click-through rates at .13%—much higher than our other display channels. We would recommend AdRoll to any brand that wants to grow their business by reaching past visitors and assisting them on their path to convert.”

Speed and flexibility

Beginning Boutique wanted a marketing partner who was flexible and could quickly create campaigns that tied closely to their promotion and product release calendars. They chose AdRoll for the easy-to-use dashboard that let them create advanced campaigns quickly.

By layering promotional themes such as summer sales, holiday pushes, or new arrival promos with their retargeting, Beginning Boutique could seamlessly update their ads and create timesensitive opportunities to entice their customers. Alston explains, “We can effortlessly set up new campaigns as we see fit with AdRoll’s dashboard. Their ad library makes it easy to edit creative and copy to match any new initiative. Our account managers are so helpful when it comes to figuring out strategy. AdRoll lets us move fast; it’s great to see that retargeting is paying off.”

About Beginning Boutique

Beginning Boutique is one of Australia’s top online stores, selling fashion-forward items and hand-picked pieces from top labels at great prices.

AdRoll est la plateforme de prospecting et de retargeting la plus couramment utilisée.