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Facebook Prospecting Campaign Click-through rate


Retargeting Campaign Click-through conversion rate

We are very happy with the powerful partnership between Virtua and AdRoll. We have doubled our conversion rate and the cost per acquisition has consistently been 30% lower than our goal.

—Inna Karapetiants
E-Commerce Merchandiser, Nestlé Shop

Reaching Success with AdRoll Prospecting and Retargeting

Virtua turned to AdRoll to help Nestlé Shop hit CPA targets and implement Prospecting and Retargeting campaigns to win new customers. The partnership proved to be effortless and successful.

Retargeting, Reach and Rewards

Before working with AdRoll, Virtua relied on Facebook Ads and the AdSense network for digital advertising. This meant that Virtua and their clients were limited to the audiences within reach of these networks. AdRoll made it possible for Virtua to increase their online presence by providing open access to ad placements across the web and social platforms.

With the support of the AdRoll platform and account management team, Virtua was able to use AdRoll’s transparent reporting to create campaigns that drove more people to Nestlé Shop’s website and lowered campaign cost per acquisition (CPAs) in the process.

The Power of AdRoll Prospecting

To help Nestlé Shop reach new customers, Virtua coupled Nestlé Shop’s existing customer data with the intent-based data capabilities of AdRoll Prospecting. The result was potent; Arthur Galibert, digital project manager at Virtua, states, “We saw signifi cant improvements in both our conversion rates and CPA. Conversions increased by 61.36% and the CPA decreased by 38.03%.”

AdRoll Prospecting delivered new, highly-engaged users to Nestlé Shop’s site. “AdRoll has allowed us to significantly extend our media reach while using only a single platform. This was really helpful and easy to implement with Nestle Shop,” said Galibert.

About Virtue (Agency)

Established in 1998, Virtua is a Swiss digital advertising agency that specialises in providing clients with comprehensive online marketing solutions. One of Virtua’s most notable clients is Nestlé Shop, the swiss online sales platform of Nestlé, the world’s largest food company.

AdRoll es la plataforma de prospecting y retargeting más utilizada en el mundo.