Case Study | Industry: B2B

Products Used: AdRoll Retargeting


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Retargeting is the effective digital closer across all marketing channels for all traffic driven to our site. It also helps minimize the impact of the messaging hole across marketing channel attribution.

—Sean Foote
Marketing Coordinator, SingleHop

SingleHop Maximizes ROI with Retargeting

SingleHop turned to AdRoll to bridge the gap across their marketing channels and create a unifi ed message to reach their customers throughout the sales cycle. With AdRoll, SingleHop offered multiple touch points with different approaches for each prospective customer based on on-site behavior. SingleHop visitors generally did not want to fi ll out a lead form or purchase when they initially visited the website.

By using AdRoll to engage the visitors with ads displaying product information, SingleHop’s value proposition, content resources, and promotions, Singlehop maximized their ROI of both high funnel and low funnel conversions, and maximized customer lifetime value. SingleHop Marketing Coordinator Sean Foote explains, “Per segment in our retargeting effort, our ROI ranged from 100% to almost 1200%. Without retargeting our assisted conversions would tank and our ROI on all spends would not be near what it is. If you consider the lower CPM and the fl exible nature of how AdRoll works, a business (whether B2C or B2B) would be insane not to implement it.”

Maintaining the Growth Momentum

As a fast growing company in its space, SingleHop wanted to remain agile in scaling their marketing programs to keep their brand top of mind. With AdRoll, SingleHop remains in front of an audience that has already been exposed to their brand and continues driving value and brand awareness. By adding on this marketing channel, SingleHop’s forms, chats, and sales teams had more success and conversions. Foote comments, “Retargeting assists with all of our marketing channels and is a key piece in our cross-channel attribution machine. AdRoll has helped us raise brand awareness over time and close bigger deals by staying in front of larger infrastructure buyers during their sales cycle.”

AdRoll es la plataforma de prospecting y retargeting más utilizada en el mundo.