Topic(s): Email Retargeting

SendRoll On Demand Demo Webinar

Bring Retargeting to Email!

Win over more shoppers by extending your AdRoll Retargeting campaigns to the inbox. Early adopters have seen a 50% email open rate and 10% click-through rate on average. Supercharge the performance of your existing email marketing by adding SendRoll.

We’ve put together a webinar detailing how adding SendRoll can attract more prospects, convert them into customers, and grow their value:

  • Learn how SendRoll brings shoppers back to your site with personalized emails triggered in real-time according to behavior on your site (e.g., products viewed, items left in cart, etc.)
  • Learn how to launch campaigns quickly without coding work.
  • See how SendRoll works both with or without your existing email provider.
  • See how much SendRoll costs and what kind of performance and value SendRoll delivers.

After watching this video, you’ll know how to set up and deploy your first SendRoll campaign and get a free promotional credit.